Compangy legal data overview

Company Name Heinrich Georg Elsigan
Postal Address Theresianumgasse 6/28
Year of Founding 1992
Number of employees 1
Legal Form Sole "little" entrepreneur [One Person Company]
General Terms of Service & Business (in german)
Heinrich Georg Elsigan
    address: Theresianumgasse 6/28, 1040 Wien
      phone: +43 650 7527928
     mobile: +43 681 20759860
        wko: Heinrich Elsigan|
Duty to inform & disclosure according to media law
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Please use the tool to report bugs in open gnu (or private shared) software repositories.
Please report bugs specific to repositories and codig languages (c#, java, c, c++, html) or development platforms, e.g. Visual Studio; (please also mentione the build enviroment like GNU-make or Gradle and the compliler and meta-compliler like Roslin.

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